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Last Life does EXTRA LIFE!

Hey there!

Quick post today. Last Life will be doing a 24 hour Extra Life stream this year! I know. Its nuts. But we want to get the word out well in advance. So take a look at our Extra Life page here and donate anything you can!

We have a modest goal of 100 bucks. Easily attainable (Michael did somewhere around that amount for his 12 hour play through last year). All proceeds will go towards the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. Jori researched and volunteered there, and they are just the best people.

Our stream will start on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 9TH at (or around) 9PM So we’re not playing the big Extra Life game day on the 2nd, but the week after. Not sure what we’ll be playing, but probably our back catalogue of indie games and God of War. So take a look and donate! Anything will be much appreciated.

A few bucks goes a long way at the Los

Last Life team,

Jori and Michael

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