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2018 Wrap Up Post!

Hey y’all,

As we head towards the bulk of the holidays, we just wanted to wrap up our fantastic first year with our final post of 2018.

We released “Save and Continue” a couple of weeks ago to great success. We’ve gotten fantastic responses on our Youtube channel and on Reddit. If you haven’t seen it yet, celebrate A Link to The Past’s 28th Anniversary by watching it here:

Just recently, “Save” became one of the finalists in the inaugural Film Pipeline short film competition. This is the same team that has grown one of the largest screenplay contests in the world: Script Pipeline. They’re a fantastic group of talented people and we’re so honored to be one of the 12 stellar films chosen. We can’t wait to see them all soon. Check out the announcement here!

Our next project “Would You Like To Try Again?” is in the very final stages of post production. We will have more to say about that film in the coming year!

Finally, we also wrapped our first 24 hour Extra Life Stream (all God of War). We raised nearly 200 dollars (more than I was able to last year) for the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital! We’re still trying to find the time to archive all 24 hours on our Youtube channel. In the meantime, check out the archive on our Twitch Channel. We were NEARLY able to finish the entire game in one sitting but couldn’t due to some technical hiccups and my ineptitude at playing the game in the final hours. SO to wrap up our streaming for the year, we’ll be finishing up our play through this Thanksgiving in what we may call our Extra Life Overtime stream? Follow us on Facebook to find out when you can watch live.

And that’s it! Thanks again for following us throughout the year and supporting our growing production company. We hope you’ve liked what we’ve done and hope to reach out to even more film lovers and game lovers in 2019!

Have a happy holidays!

Last Life team,
Jori and Michael

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