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"Save and Continue" NOW ONLINE!

Hey there y’all,

After alot of talk and build up from our Last Life website, we’re finally pleased to share with the world our first project, “Save and Continue”!

I’ll keep it brief since words don’t begin to describe how passionate I feel about this film. But I’ll give a loving heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this movie happen. The wonderful cast, talented crew, and everyone in between made “Save and Continue” a reality bigger and better than anything I jotted down years ago. You can read more about the cast here, the crew here, and the film’s world premiere here.

This was an especially personal project for me given how huge chunks of this film were inspired by my earliest memories in life. But I never wanted it to be just an insight into my past. More importantly, I want “Save and Continue” to inspire discussion about how video games can be a powerful tool in coping with life trauma. And my biggest hope for “Save” is that in its initial online release, maybe a few people can check it out and reflect about the times video games have made a similar impact on their lives.

So check it out! If you dug the film, like and subscribe to the Last Life Films youtube page. Comment if you wanna shout out any cast or crew. They did alot of hard work that plays wonderfully when you watch. So give them some love if possible.

And, of course, share, share, share this film if at all possible. It takes a strong word of mouth to really help this film find its truly unique audience. Any share would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, enjoy the film and thanks for taking the time for indulging me on this journey. Hope you like!


Michael Felker

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