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Introducing Save and Continue Cast Members!

Hey there!

While our projects continue to develop and we set up more cool aspects of Last Life, we're gonna take a moment to shout out our stellar cast of our first project: Save and Continue. These wonderful actors poured so much of themselves into their roles and were an absolute delight to work on top of it all!


Casey Lynn Lopez as Sam


Casey plays the role of Sam, a timid child of divorce learning to cope with parent fights she doesn't understand. Her inquisitive nature into her parents' emotional state and the elements of video games help her realize how the pains of life can be better seen through the escapism of interactive entertainment.

Casey started acting when she was 8 years old in local musical theater and on-camera acting classes. It was obvious from the start that she was naturally talented, and meant to pursue a career performing arts. She started filming her first lead role in a dramatic short film on her 9th birthday and she has continued to work steadily ever since. 


Casey was, hands down, the heart of this film shoot. We knew from the first self-tapes that she has a very gifted talent in dramatic acting (though she'd later mention to me that she can't wait to do more comedy after all of her dramatic roles). Casey was not only talented on camera, but she was an excellent listener and more engaging than most actors I had ever worked with. She knew exactly how take redirection was also braving through the film's more emotionally demanding beats. AND on top of it all, she was an awesome Mario Kart player in between takes.


Nick Burr as the father, Dennis


Nick plays the role of Dennis, Sam's soon to be divorced father. While the exact details of the divorce remain unclear, he seems to be more concerned with being a fun dad than a good husband. He stays at home unemployed and escapes into nightly video games while putting on a good face for his worried young daughter. 

Casey and Sam at Save and Continue callbacks.

Casey and Sam at Save and Continue callbacks.

Nick pulls off a complicated role by focusing on the most crucial aspect of the part: the amazing chemistry with his daughter. Out of all the chemistry readings we saw for Sam and Dennis, only Casey and Nick had that amazing spark together. It's the kind of chemistry where you can see the energy continue even when the cameras weren't rolling. Nick was an absolute delight who after delivering emotionally draining performances would immediately bring the room back together with jokes, enthusiasm and sincerity. 


Candice Bolek as the mother, Wendy


Candice plays Wendy, Sam's stern mother. Wendy is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Dennis. She's the kind of person who's holding the family together one work day at a time. She would make sure Sam's homework is as perfect as it could be so her daughter, even at the expense of enjoying family time.

Behind The Scenes 

Candice brings in a much need dramatic edge to Save. She brought raw energy to her role the minute we saw her dramatic monologue in auditions. Yet the power in her performance comes from just the look in her eyes as simple glances give deep context to how broken her marriage is with Dennis. Candice brings an emotional commitment to the role of a tired mother that's especially hard to pull off. But when she does, she inspired applause on the last day of set.


Best of all, Candice, Nick and Casey came together on set in a way the story didn't even call for. They were an amazing trio that gave fantastic performances and made the short something more beautiful than I could possibly imagine.

Thanks for checking this out. Next, we'll introduce some of our crew members from the shoot. Till then, enjoy our updates and our game streams for more from us!


Last Life Team
Jori and Michael


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