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Introducing Save and Continue Crew Members

Hey again!

Jori and Michael here! Last time, we showed off the cast of our new film, Save and Continue. Now we'll highlight our top-of-the-line crew:


Shane Spiegel - Producer


Known for his work in comedy, Shane Spiegel is a highly regarded film producer and filmmaker out of Los Angeles, California. He's best known for his work making shows for DreamworksTV including the popular "Junk Drawer Magic", "We Build It, We Break It" and "OMG!". His most recent work is showrunning the first season of the TV show, "Junk Drawer Magical Adventures".

Shane and I go way back, working together for nearly 10 years on a variety of productions. We brought Shane in to the project early on not only to help the film get across the finish line, but for his impeccable storytelling taste and keen eye for details. Shane carefully combed through every frame of this film with us from the early stages of pre-production all the way to the final watch down months later. On set, Shane made sure each shot was in tip top form, treating the story as much special care as much as Jori or myself. On top of all that, his light hearted nature and wicked sense of humor always kept the crew in high spirits. We're already hard at work with Shane on our upcoming projects. Check out more at his website here.


Andrew Penczner - Director of Photography


Andrew Penczner is a DP/Camera Operator out of Los Angeles, California for nearly a decade. His photography works extends to a variety of commercials, television shows, and films, including work with Lance Bass and Todrick Hall.

Andrew and I have been great friends since we met each other at Florida State Film School back in 2007. We've worked together a bunch over the years, including a few shorts I shot before founding Last Life with Jori. With just a couple of crew members and a few lights, Andrew creates a compelling look for Save and Continue by finding brilliant ways to shade mundane scenes with smart shot design and elegant lighting. His talented eye and nimble work ethic were able to elevate the film beyond its family drama roots into something deeper and darker within a shortened production period. Check out more at his IMDB page here.


Abigail Sanford - Production Designer


Abigail Sanford has worked as a production designer and set decorator for many projects over the years. Her work includes shows from DreamworksTV, College Humor and an eclectic amount of indie short films and commercials.

I only just met Abigail from this film set, but based on her work on this film, I'll be sure to work with her even more. She was given the arduous task of designing multiple empty rooms from scratch to make it look like the early 90s. Not only does she knock it out of the park, but she surprised me with an impeccable attention to detail. From the designs of the Super Nintendo packaging, to the arts and crafts table in Sam's room, Abigail transported the entire set to an older time. We were in awe of the things she found and crafted with her team. It made all of us 20 somethings feel like being a kid again. Check out more at her IMDB page here.


Christopher Oroza - Costume Designer


Christopher Oroza is world renowned costume designer who's work has been featured in many feature films and commercials. His work includes "The House" "Hollywood Adventures" and "Miles".

Like Andrew, Chris and I have been great friends for over 10 years. But not only do Chris and I have a great rapport on set, but he's absolutely a master in his craft in costume designing. Chris nails the difficult balance of making the film feel vintage and modern at the same time. Heavily influenced by styles of the early 90s, Chris makes the wardrobe feel of a time and timeless at the same time. A special attention is paid to Dennis's denim ensemble, Wendy's summer dress, and Sam's grade school outfits. All of his work adds to the film's layers of nostalgia for older and better times. The look of Save wouldn't be half as good if it weren't for Chris's exceptional work. Check out more at his website here.


Michael Ursu - Composer


Michael Ursu, also known as "Maku", is a prolific composer having written music for some of the films he starred in, as well as several commercial spots including a popular Pokémon spec commercial that went viral back in 2016.

If there's one person who put almost too much good work in, it was Michael. This talented composer created so many beautiful compositions for Save, that we actually had to scrap older versions of fantastic music just to really nail the complicated tone of the film. What we came away with was something special that I still hear days after seeing the film. This especially applies to his simple yet elegant theme for when characters play video games. This theme lifts the movie away from its grounded drama roots into a state of yearning bliss. You watch these moments and feel as if you're playing video games for the first time all over again. Michael's work is phenomenal and truly memorable. Check out more at his IMDB page here.


Stephen Clark - Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer

Stephen Clark has been working in sound for film and television for 25 years. The amount of work he's done is too great to count one by one, but he's known for his extensive TV work as a re-recording mixer and dialogue editor.

There's a special mention for Stephen here because I feel his work really is the film's secret weapon. His tuned ear for cinematic sound really makes the movie feel not only professional, but gives it a special haunting that only the best dramas seem to have. This is especially prominent when Sam tries to drown out her parents fighting. As Sam covers her ears, the levels of different pervading sounds as the fight escalates really pull us into Sam's mind in an unsettling way. Stephen's work gives the film a much needed jolt of character empathy. It really blew us away. Check out more at his website here.


We're so proud of each department and all the awesome crew that worked along with them.

Stay tuned for more developments on Save and Continue, our game streams and more coming announcements!

Last Life Team
Jori and Michael

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