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Extra Life 2019 Announcements for Last Life

Hey everyone,

We’ve been a bit quiet the last few months as we wait on the next round of film fests for Would You Like To Try Again? (while also not getting swallowed alive by wedding prep). But that doesn’t mean we don’t have plans! In fact we’re revving back up some stuff we’ve been sleeping on this year.

Given that work has swallowed alot of our time, we’ve been VERY lax on our game streaming (and by lax, I mean not doing any in 2019). That will certainly change as we build out our streaming schedule for 2020. Till then, Michael’s launching another 24 HOUR game stream for Extra Life again this year.

For those who don’t know, Extra Life is an organization that facilates donations to children hospitals raised during video game marathons. Many raise ALOT of money by streaming these gaming marathons for 12 hours, 24 hours, or even beyond that.


Michael will be streaming for 24 hours starting FRIDAY NOVEMBER 8TH at 9PM. He won’t be doing it on the official Extra Life Day since we’ll be, you know, getting married and all. But he’ll catch up once we’re settled back in and ready to go. Last year, Michael neeeearrrly beat all of 2018’s God of War in one sitting. Will he do one game again? Eh, not sure. All of Spider Man, a good chunk of Red Dead 2 and a bunch indie titles have been sitting on our back burner for quite a bit. So we’ll be announcing which games he’ll be playing as we get closer to the date.

Till then, you can donate early at his Extra Life page BELOW:

Be sure to check out his donation page now, later, or when he streams early next month. We’ll keep you posted too about more developments with our films and streams later in the year!

Last Life team,

Jori and Michael

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